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AOL is a reputed online service called American Online. It was founded in the year 1985, and began to provide many services by the year 1990 like instant messaging, email, dial up internet and so on. It was considered a fast pioneer back then and in 2015, it was purchased by a company called Verizon, which converted it into a mass media corporation.

Email Account Security

Email Account Security

Security of any account is most important and also in case of email. User can learn tips from experts about email account security. If any account get hault then user will get recover it with the help of email experts.

Emails Recovery

Emails Recovery

If your email account get lost or infected from any thing, our technicians will get help to recovery your account with all emails and other important documents, videos, images. Call now for get solution.

Email Spamming

Email Spamming

Email spamming is major issue come into the picture when we start send/receive emails. Somtime important emails are going into spam and we can't aware about that. Make some changes into email setting.

AOL features

Every single panel in AOL Mail can be customised as per your needs to help you focus on the things that are important to you. All you have to do is drag the panel so they will become the perfect size as per your needs.

You can also add events, set reminders and create various calendars which will help you in separating your personal and professional life. You also have the choice of syncing schedules to simplify the process of event planning by sharing your calendar. This feature is available only for AOL Desktop Gold users and desktop web browsers. All you have to do is sing in to your AOL Mail and then click on Calendar.

AOL makes sure you are not overwhelmed by thousands of emails. It has an extremely process of deleting old email you no longer need and recovering those that were deleted accidently.

AOL mail has the ease provided by keyboard shortcuts, which makes the performance of tasks simpler and quicker. There may be different shortcuts for you depending on which part of AOL you are in. these shortcuts are designed for windows but will work just as well on Mac, once the Ctrl key is substituted by the Command key.

You can organise you AOL mail inbox in a way that is suitable to you. Emails can be sorted into folders of your choice, which you can name as per your understanding, so you are in complete charge of your inbox.

You are allowed to switch between full and basic features mail so even when your system does not run on the latest browser or operating system, you will still have access to your emails.

Most common AOL mail issues

A majority of issues with signing in are due to issues with password. However, there can also be other issues, like missing screen, blank screen, and other signing in errors. No matter what the problem is contact AOL support number UK to get resolution, some suggestions below should prove to be a great help.

Sign in again

Turning it off and the turning it on again may be a cliché, but it is talked about so often only because it almost always works. So, try to sing out of your account entirely and then sign in again. When the issue is relate to password or browser, this will especially rove to be a useful tip.

Reset web settings

A lot of the times, when multiple web browsers are installed, the web settings of the system alter themselves. To resolve this, you can reset the general web settings, which will not alter the settings for all web browsers on the system.

Fix password problems

If the computer keeps telling you that your password in invalid, it is best for you to first find the right password as you may be entering the wrong one. If not, you can try to reset your password and use the account recovery options at your disposal.

Use a different browser

You browser may be too old and outdated to support your log in attempt. Thus, you can try a different browser to access your AOL Mail. You should also check if the browser installed on your system is updated. If it not, you should try and update it before attempting again.

Clear your browser's cache

Cookies a portions of information that your browser feed into itself so that websites take less time in loading. This makes access much faster but also causes loading errors for certain websites. If you want to resolve this and restore the original state of your browser, all you have to do is clear the cache of your browser. The unwanted tit bits of information will be wiped away, your browser will reset itself and run normally.

Enable Java Applet Scripting

If your enable java scripting and cookies, it can also prove to be a solution to resolve your browser issues. With a disabled Jana scripting, several websites, including AOL mail, will cease to work normally.

Disable firewall or pop-up settings

Your firewall may also be causing this issue. As a firewall user, when you get a blank screen when you attempt to access AOL Mail, it is because either your pop ups are blocked or AOL is not your white list. Make the changes and see if it solves your issues. You will have to get in touch with the vendor of your software if you wish to fiddle with the software’s specifics. However, you can still gain a temporary bypass if you press the Shift key on your keyboard when you tap on website links.

How can we assist you?

Our assistance is completely at your convenience. If it is an extremely urgent matter, you can give us a call at any time at AOL help number UK, representative will solve your issues. If you do not like to get on a phone, you can also chat with us online at any time of your convenience. Good old emailing us will also work just as well.